Mark Newhouse: From Online Poker to Instant Success at the World Poker Tour

Just like many of the successful young poker players today, Mark Newhouse followed a similar path, starting out playing in highly competitive online poker tournaments en route to becoming one of the most respected players of the game. According to him, he spent countless hours in front of his computer engaging in online limit games, competitions, and tournaments. When he was ready to go up a notch and become a professional poker player at the age of 21, he started to compete in no-limit events in various casinos and gaming establishments.

Right now, Newhouse has already achieved numerous great things as a professional poker player. Having had played in 16 highly competitive poker tournaments under the World Poker Tour brand, he was able to maintain a very high 6.25 winning percentage. Additionally, he has also reached the final table once, while delivering money finishes thrice in a still very young poker career. Overall, his career earnings have already reached $1,687,326, which is 39th best amongst the greatest poker players of today.

Looking back at the career of Newhouse, his fellow professional poker players, fans, and even game observers are guaranteed to be fascinated with how he was able to accomplish one impressive victory after another. Aside from his calm and relaxed appearance, he is also known for his methodical approach to the game of poker. Additionally, his work ethic and patience has contributed to the general success of his young and colorful poker career.

In Season 5 of the World Poker Tour, Newhouse was able to achieve something that only a few have accomplished, which is to win a major poker title. At the Borgata Poker Open that was held at the very beautiful Atlantic City in New Jersey, he was able to defy the odds and beat all the top professional poker players who were present at this glorious occasion. By winning the top prize, he was able to take home the grand pot that was valued at $1,519,020. In that crucial victory, the impressive skills, strategies, and tactics of Newhouse on top of the poker table helped him gain the respect of the entire poker world.

Within the same season, Newhouse was able to score another impressive victory, this time at the North American Poker Championship that was held at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Canada. Despite finishing only 17th overall, he was able to take home a decent prize amounting to $62,781. In Season 6, he once again scored a key victory at the highly anticipated WPT World Championship tournament, which transpired at the grand Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. After scoring a 19th place finish, he was awarded with a hefty prize valued at $105,525.